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Lost your parenting mojo?

15 June 2020
And so say all of us…
* * *

It is common to have parenting highs and parenting lows.

It’s also common to have parenting seasons.
I know for me, I can go through periods where I’m on form, present, fun and in my parenting mojo. And other times I’m under my rock, wanting some quiet and only crawling out from underneath for essentials like making dinner or cuddling.
Is there a right or wrong here?
I’m not sure there is. The only thing that could be wrong is when you believe you have to have your mojo up all the time.
It’s a fallacy.
No one is happy all the time. No parent is perfect all the time No child is well behaved all of the time.
All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried. -Donald Miller
Whether you have a baby, toddler, tween or teen – you being you, recognising how you feel and honouring how you feel, is important.
In his paper, Magic State of Acceptance, Dr Michael Hall shares how accepting your current circumstance is not resignation or giving in, it is welcoming it into mind and life with the purpose of effectively responding to it.
Can you imagine if summer never came? What about if winter lasted forever? Would you appreciate Autumn and Spring?
Honour your parenting seasons.
* * *
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About the author
Dina is a ACMC certified Meta Coach and the author of 'Smart Parenting - How to develop your child's Mindset, Resilience and Courage.' She lives in Sydney, Australia.
This post originally appeared in Dina Cooper on 22 August 2019