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A Big Weldon Welcome to the Family5 Community

21 April 2021
We’re thrilled to announce that popular parenting app Family5 has joined the Weldon family. Weldon joined forces with the Family5 team this month, and together we are building a new product that will unite evidence-based support and a passionate community of parents and providers.
“When we started Weldon our vision was to provide parents with an expert at their fingertips who they could turn to at any stage on their parenting journey. This acquisition allows us to now offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution for parents,” says Weldon Co-founder and CEO Mark Burrell. “Robbert and Jaap’s success in building products and content for families is a perfect complement to the virtual coaching service and community we developed for Weldon.”
Robbert Bos, Weldon Head of Product and Co-founder of Family5 adds, “The new Weldon platform will be an evolution that takes into account all of the learnings we have gathered from both companies and will provide an integrated product and service with a range of dynamic and convenient options to meet parents where they are.”
Weldon’s mission is to help all parents and caregivers build the skills they need to survive and thrive in parenthood, something that has proven more important than ever given the increased burden on parents since the start of the pandemic. Weldon helps parents to develop a range of tools and strategies for working with their children and themselves, with an emphasis on social-emotional development. The topics covered range from the acute - sleep, behavior, and development - to the aspirational elements including instilling kindness, empathy, and resilience. Each Weldon expert holds a Master’s or Ph.D. in their field of child development and brings years of experience helping parents, teachers, and kids inside of their respective communities.
“Weldon is democratizing access to passionate, highly-educated experts who can provide professional, evidence-based advice for parents’ ever-evolving needs,” says Lynn Burrell, Weldon’s Co-founder and Head of Care. “Parenting can be hard, but there is no shame in asking for help and support. We hope to eliminate any stigma associated with talking about the challenges many people are facing, especially with parental stress and anxiety at an all-time high in part due to the pandemic.”
Weldon is actively partnering with companies such as Spotify, through their employee resource group (ERG), to provide access to the platform for their employees around the world. The company is also working with schools and institutions such as Aspen Academy to support both their teachers and parents.
Siblings Mark Burrell and Lynn Burrell founded Weldon on the premise that parents value personalized, accessible guidance for daily and ongoing challenges during their parenting journey. Mark Burrell previously co-founded and co-created Tongal - the leading platform for brands to find creative talent - and Lynn Burrell brings extensive experience within the education system. As a school psychologist, she was tasked with identifying learning challenges and nurturing children’s mental health.
Family5, established in Singapore by founders Robbert Bos and Jaap Frölich, provided parents with activities and educational content to work through common challenges. It was selected as “App of the Day” in more than 15 countries, garnered a 4.9 iOS rating, and welcomed nearly 80,000 users.
In addition to co-founding Family5, Bos previously co-founded and created the leading fintech app BUX, successfully scaling it to millions of users across Europe. Frölich, who previously co-founded Cogo.ai, leads the development of the new Weldon app and backend technology and brings significant experience in building scalable products.
“Based on the behavior and feedback from Family5 users, it was clear to us that there is an intense desire from parents for strategies, tools, and interaction,” says Frölich, Weldon’s Chief Technology Officer.  “We wanted to build a solution that is fundamentally human-centric but does not ignore the fact that now more than ever, time is precious and convenience matters.”
For now, existing users of the Family5 app can continue to access the features they love, now in an app called Weldon. Behind the scenes, we’re working on the next generation of the Weldon experience, and we can’t wait to launch it with this incredible community.
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