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Lisa Conley

Licensed School Counselor
New Jersey, United States of America
Lisa Conley is a licensed School Counselor with over twenty years experience as both a School and Career Counselor. She has created advising and internship programs, served on numerous school and district wide committees, supported students in special populations and helped students navigate their most challenging adolescent years. Lisa has been a high school coach for both girls and boys volleyball, and an advisor to numerous co-curricular activities which helped to foster stronger relationships with her caseload of students, as she could see them in various settings. Additionally, Lisa has owned a private consulting company which works with individual families to help navigate the post secondary and career exploration processes. Within the community, Lisa enjoys serving on several boards and committees that benefit causes closest to her as well as within her profession. In addition, Lisa serves as the manager of her son’s hockey team. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from Ithaca College, a Master’s in School Counseling and a Sixth Year Degree in Educational Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University. Lisa adores time spent with family and enjoys the outdoors - hiking, walking through the woods, biking, running and, most importantly, working in her most challenging role as Mom to her active, intelligent eleven year old son.