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Teodora Pavkovic M.A.

Parenting Coach
Parenting in the age of technology
New York, United States of America
Emotional intelligence
Digital wellness
My unique approach draws from the fields of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), emotional intelligence, positive psychology and Strategic Intervention (SI) coaching, and I use research-based tools to help my clients lead fulfilling and intentional lives. I am particularly passionate about helping parents establish digital wellness for themselves and their children and helping them navigate the challenges of parenting in the age of technology.
Children and Tech
Teodora Pavkovic is a psychologist and life coach focused on parenting in the age of technology with an emphasis on character strengths and emotional literacy
BLOG | Parent and Life Coaching
A unique, informative and at times humorous blog about parenting and technology, personal development and current events relevant to our Psyche