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Dina Cooper

Parent Coach
Parent as Leader
Conscious parenting
As a leader in finance working in large organisations, Dina felt torn between work and home after having her two boys, now tweens. She likens the experience to having a PC at work and a Mac at home. Two different operating systems requiring extra effort to process effectively. It’s less than optimal.
Through her own research, personal growth and qualifications grounded in positive, cognitive-behavioural and self-actualisation psychology, she began to discover synergies to integrate work and family by taking leadership skills into the home. What she didn’t anticipate was the fulfilment and quality of relationship with her children she began to experience daily.
Today she helps parents move from a place of surviving the day to day, to feeling aligned with the way they parent and confident they are raising children for the future.
Dina is the author of Smart Parenting - How to Develop Your Child’s Mindset, Courage and Resilience for the Future of Work. She is a speaker, coach, facilitator, wife and mum.
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