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Dana Baker-Williams

Parent & Teen Coach
Parenting In Real Life
California, United States of America
Positive communication
Connecting families
As Parent Coach, a parent/mental health writer and a not-so-perfect mom of two, I’m here to help you navigate the ups, the downs and the downright uglies of parenting. My mission is to help you bring connection, laughter, and joy back into your home. I take a practical, positive approach to parenting – which means no added stress, guilt or pressure. I offer guidance, encouragement, and practical suggestions to make connecting in the family easier and to help you parent through any challenges with confidence.
I know first-hand the challenges of raising children—and even one with Anxiety and ADHD and some Depression, so believe me when I say I come at it all with heart, a good dose of humor, and the very real recognition that no matter how hard we may try, none of us is a perfect parent.
Call me to set up a free, 15-minute consultation.
Parenting Blog| Parenting in Real Life
Everyone needs a little parenting advice sometime. Whether you want to connect, you're at your wits end, or you just need some perspective and a reality check..