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Ariadne Brill

Positive Discipline Parent Educator
Positive Parenting Connection
Positive parenting
Positive communication
Ariadne specializes in helping parents find more confidence and calm in their parenting journey. Her work focuses on increasing cooperation, improving communication (listening without yelling) and reducing power struggles, all in a positive, non punitive way.
Ariadne is mom to three children. She created Positive Parenting Connection to share resources, ideas, tips and helpful information with other parents that are striving to have connected, peaceful relationships with their children. She uses the very same parenting tools and practices at home. She knows first hand it’s impossible to always get it right and that’s just fine!
Ariadne has a Masters in Psychology, is a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator and has graduate level training in Psychology, child development and family counseling.
In addition to running the Positive Parenting Connection, Ariadne facilitates parent-child playgroups, hosts workshops and offers private parent coaching.
Positive Parenting Connection
Parenting courses, blog and behavior solutions for families with children 0 to 12 years.
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