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Cara Pollard

PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Cara Pollard Coaching
Illinois, United States of America
Parent education
Cara Pollard is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and Educator and corporate culture expert. She and her team partner with corporations to support their parent employees. She teaches both parents and children how to bring joy into their lives through consciousness, awareness, music, movement, creativity and self care. She coaches individual parents, couples, and teens to determine ways to intentionally create their preferred future. She conducts workshops and support groups for parents on a variety of topics including conscious parenting and work life balance. She teaches children classes and partners with schools and organizations. She facilitates book clubs and family activities to enhance mindfulness and social- emotional learning.
Cara Pollard Coaching
Cara Pollard Coaching partners with your corporation to help employees integrate their work & home lives, shifting corporate culture & positively impacting your bottom line. Gender Gap, Workplace equity & Inclusion, advancing women & supporting men in their roles. Team of internati
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