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Fiona Emwanu

PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Parents Looking Forward
South Africa
Empowering parents
Parent child relationship
Parent education
As a mother of two, a boy and girl, I am well experienced both as a professionally qualified full time working parent as well as a stay at home parent. I began my career in the financial sector and subsequently worked in a number of roles (hold an MBA – Leeds, UK).
I have had a deep passion for sharing the knowledge and experience gained over the years with fellow parents to create a positive and happier world for our children. I am now thrilled to be pursuing my dream of working with parents as a PCI Certified Parent Coach® having completed the graduate-level Parent Coach Certification® Training Program through Seattle Pacific University and Parent Coaching Institute.
I thoroughly enjoy coaching parents both face to face as well as via Skype too. It gives me much joy helping parents go from feeling downhearted at the beginning of coaching to feelings of confidence and hope by the end of my coaching! I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a wide range of parents.
I thus invite you to get in touch for a brief no obligation conversation to establish how I can support you. I would be delighted to work with you towards the joy and fulfilment of your children as well as your parental self.
Parenting l Parent Coach l Fiona Emwanu at Parents Looking Forward
Positive, highly supportive, non-judgmental Parent Coaching for your parenting dilemmas with Fiona Emwanu at Parents Looking Forward, Johannesburg, South Africa