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Caitlin Silva

PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Beacon Parent Coaching
Massachusetts, United States of America
Pediatric Social-Emotional Coaching
My name is Caitlin Silva. My family and I grew up in Bradford, Ma. I graduated from Salem State with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and Psychology.
I began my career as a teacher. I learned the power a teacher can have on their students, as I showed up each day with a zest to reach each of my students and help them feel appreciated, happy, and confident in who they were. As my teaching career developed, I learned that my heart wanted to help my students feel good about who they were, overcome the challenges they were struggling with, and work with them on learning the skills and strategies they would need to be successful. This realization led me to gaining a Master’s degree in Counseling. Working as a school counselor was incredibly rewarding, and constantly pushed me to grow and learn so I could help the students, staff members, and families feel supported and successful each day at school. When a child was struggling, I saw the impact I could have when working more directly with the parents or families, and it led the path for me to seek out a Parent Coaching training program. I am now a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and beyond excited to share my experience, education, and passion with parents and families near and far!
Beacon Parent Coaching
Parent coaching, Pediatric social-emotional coaching, Parent workshops, Group coaching, and Speaking engagements.