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Caitilyn Medeiros

PCI Certified Parent Coach®
California, United States of America
Parent education
Hello Parent! I’m Caitilyn. I am a mama who has done loads of independent research on gentle parenting, piecing together what I’ve learned to create my own imperfect (and beautiful!) parenting path. I am a parent who deeply values the myriad ways that it is possible to raise wonderful humans. I’m a PCI Certified Parent Coach®. I am a veteran elementary school teacher with years of experience working with young children and their families. I’m a great listener, an insightful questioner, and an enthusiastic cheerleader for parents making positive change. My deepest desire is that all children, and their parents, thrive.
I love parent coaching because the process meets you right where you are. You are the expert in your family; I am highly trained in a powerful coaching model developed specifically for parents! You bring your unique strengths, abilities, and challenges; I pair deep compassion with a sense of lightness, and positivity with authenticity. It is my absolute pleasure to walk beside you for a time, as you forge your own beautiful parenting path.
Finally, perhaps you are seeking to raise your child with progressive values, but aren’t sure quite where to start. I am here for you! If you are a straight parent trying to figure out how to support your LGBTQI+ child (or are simply wanting to raise your child(ren) with more inclusive messaging around what it is to be a boy or a girl), I’d be delighted to be part of your process. If you are on a mission to raise your white child(ren) with anti-racist values, I’d be honored to walk beside you. If you are interested in flipping the script around body image and health, raising a child who is confident in their body and makes healthy eating choices without shame, let’s talk.