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Alison Smith

Parenting Coach
Alison Smith Coaching
New Brunswick, Canada
Positive parenting
Positive communication
Alison Smith is a parenting coach & consultant, speaker & writer offering private and group support across the globe. In a world filled with seemingly endless rules for parents, Alison is a voice of solid reason and support for parents who question if they’re doing the right thing for their child.
She is the founder of the online Parent Learning Community, co-founder of The Thought Leaders in Parenting Collective and The Positive Parenting Movement group, and author of The Gentle Parenting Manifesto. She’s been a frequent guest on CHCO-TV’s Fundy Tidings show, has written regular columns for three separate newspapers, as well as a speaker and guest for numerous conferences, podcasts and shows.
Through private coaching, group sessions, speaking and digital learning, Alison helps moms and dads decode behaviour, manage strong emotions and build their skill set for consistent positive parenting. Clients discover how to consistently be at their personal best so they can bring out the best in their children.
Alison’s mission is to support and empower parents through education and coaching, to create a win-win environment for optimal raising of the next generation.
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Providing evidence-based parent coaching strategies so you can parent in a way that is loving, mutually respectful & grows confident kids into happy adults.
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Learn evidence-based strategies to parent in a way that is loving, mutually respectful and grows confident kids into happy adults.
Alison Smith
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