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Christy Keating

PCI Certified Parent Coach®
The Heartful Parent
Washington, United States of America
Positive discipline
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
Consent and Boundaries Education
I am a Certified Parent Coach®, a Certified Positive Discipline Educator, and a Certified Gottman Educator. Informed by my own challenges adjusting to parenthood, I have now been teaching, coaching, and working with parents for more than a decade.
In addition to speaking and writing about a wide variety of parenting issues, I coach clients one-on-one to help them discover newfound energy in their parenting, develop an appreciation for what they have and who they are, and create sustainable ways to achieve their vision or dream for their family. Through a combination of parenting tools and strategies, I help parents address everything from behavior issues, tantrums, defiance and screen time to co-parenting, work-life balance, self-care, and renewal. Through my unique process and lens, I help families learn to use their core values and a clear vision of their ideal future to create more love, joy, and connection in their families!
The Heartful Parent
The Heartful Parent offers parent coaching, public speaking, and classes with the mission to ensure that every parent gets the support they need on their parenting journey. We believe that parenting should come from the heart, and our goal is to help parents discover what works in the most heartfelt
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