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Joy Marchese

Positive Discipline Lead Trainer & Parenting Coach
Positive Discipline UK
London, United Kingdom
Positive parenting
Positive discipline
For as long as I can remember I have an ability to connect with people and share my passion for well-being. I have always believed that the social-emotional well-being of an individual is the most important aspect of our health and happiness.
I have worked as a teacher, trainer, and parent educator in various schools and corporate settings across the globe for over 20 years. My experience teaching in both public and private schools, training managers in large companies and running an educational non-profit organization has helped me understand the unique needs of culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups.
I see myself as an agent of change. With my combined passion and experience in parenting, education, professional development, and wellness I am able to offer a comprehensive look into the modern world of parenting, relationships, and personal and professional development.
As founder of Positive Discipline UK I deliver training and workshops internationally in schools and corporate settings. Concurrently I deliver workshops for parents based on the book I co-authored with Jane Nelsen and Kristina Bill.
My Masters Degree in Education from Hofstra University is secondary to the education and experience I have achieved from my successes and challenges as a teacher to thousands of students. I have a lifelong commitment and passion for child development and education. It is my mission to share my knowledge and experience with both teachers and parents around the globe.
Joy Marchese
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