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Brian R. King, MSW

ADHD Coach
Brian R. King International, Inc
Illinois, United States of America
Not getting the results you want in your personal, family or professional life? Still not producing at the level you know they can? You sabotage yourself continuously? That’s where I come in.
I’m Brian R. King, MSW and I live with ADHD in addition to a host of other conditions. I’m raising three sons with ADHD and HFA which has informed my international consulting work with parents and teachers over the past 12+ years.
In addition to the above work I’ve written 5 books, countless articles and videos I’ve produced to help those who need a breakthrough with their child or student living with ADHD.
Many of my colleagues refer to me as, “The Mindset King,” Clients have called me, "The great translator,’ and “Master of the workaround.”
ADHD Breakthroughs with Brian R. King, MSW
Brian R. King, MSW grew up with undiagnosed ADHD and Dyslexia. Being mercilessly bullied by peers and some teachers, he grew up believing he was worthless.
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Perfect Moments in Relationships
Lessons in Connection for Work, Family, Love, and Life
Brian R. King - ADHD Coach
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