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Erin Taylor

PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Erin Taylor Parent Coaching
Pennsylvania, United States of America
Conscious parenting
Stress management
Parent education
Erin Taylor is a mom, entrepreneur, coach, and author. She helps stressed, busy, overwhelmed parents end struggles with disrespect, talking back, not listening, tantrums, social media and more with their children.
Her podcast, Powerful Parenting for Today’s Kids is enjoyed by parents around the world. Erin was able to take the tragedy of the death of her infant daughter and turn it around to not only survive, but thrive, and now she helps others to do the same in parenting, in business and in life.
Her mission is to change the world, one person and one family at a time.
Erin Taylor - Parent Coach
Are you stressed or overwhelmed parenting kids who might be struggling with anxiety, social media, or respect issues? Parenting is tough, but Erin Taylor is here for you to help. Contact Erin Taylor today for a consultation.
Erin Taylor Blog - Parenting Advice And Tips | Erin Taylor
How do you become a good parent when dealing with anxiety, pressures from social media and society, and issues with disrespect or kids who don't listen? Learn the best parenting tips and pieces of advice on Erin Taylor's blog, and schedule a free consultation today.
Featured book
Erin Taylor's Book - Forging Deeper Connections With Our Children | Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor's book, "Connection and Kindness: The Key to Changing the World Through Parenting," is a number one, best-selling parenting discipline book that can change the way you see yourself as a parent.