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Bringing together insights from the Weldon community of Weldon Pro's.
Fun, insightful and helpful, these are the longer reads that bring about those 'Aha!' parenting moments.

5 ways to encourage kids to listen the first time

By Nicole Schwarz, MA, LMFT, 27 July 2020

Feeling Safe is the End Game

By Dana Baker-Williams, 13 July 2020

Is your family a community?

By Beth Greenawalt, 02 July 2020

Heartfelt Apologies

By Rachel Schofield, 29 June 2020

The Importance of The Father-Daughter Relationship

By Dana Baker-Williams, 21 June 2020

Lost your parenting mojo?

By Dina Cooper, 15 June 2020

Your Kid’s Summer of Failure

By Beth Greenawalt, 10 June 2020

Chores for children

By Ariadne Brill, 25 May 2020

Boredom isn't about being bored

By Bridgett Miller, 14 May 2020

Acts of kindness for kids

By Amy Webb, 09 May 2020

I can't do it: A story of tantrums

By Alice Hanscam, 05 May 2020

Screen free ideas for families

By Jen Miller, 01 May 2020

What's in your kids boredom kit?

By Anita Cleare, 28 April 2020

Mom! Mom! Mom!

By Tina Feigal MS Ed., 24 April 2020

Special time: Making sure your child feels loved

By Rachel Schofield, 22 April 2020

Paint, puddles and play: How kids really learn

By Dana Baker-Williams, 17 April 2020

Screen time during the crisis

By Richard Halpern M.A., 14 April 2020

Always learning to listen

By Carrington Cunnington, 10 April 2020

Help with anxiety

By Tina Feigal MS Ed., 07 April 2020

The best parent for your child

By Dina Cooper, 03 April 2020

So many ways to play

By Alice Hanscam, 31 March 2020

How to talk to children about Covid-19

By Nicole Schwarz, MA, LMFT, 24 March 2020

Common bedtime challenges (and how to avoid them)

By Nicole Schwarz, MA, LMFT, 13 March 2020

Ten ways to make the most of your family time!

By Stephanie Wicker, 10 March 2020

If I had my child to raise again

By Beth Greenawalt, 06 March 2020